News: March 2018

Pausing as winter turns to spring to feel grateful for a few early 2018 milestones:

  • I reviewed Jenny Sadre-Orafai's Malak for The Bind. Jenny is a gem of a poet, and I'm grateful to Rochelle at The Bind for being so great to work with.
  • A funny little thing: White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, a restaurant in Downtown Atlanta, owned by a couple who enjoy patronizing the arts, hosts an annual poetry contest. I'm thrilled to say I was this year's winner! In addition to prize funds and wonderful remarks from the contest judge, my husband and I got to enjoy a Valentine's Day dinner at the restaurant, with my poem featured on the menu. Whoa!
  • Duets, the chapbook I'm co-writing with Andrea Rogers, has now been shortlisted for three contests hosted by Sibling Rivalry Press, New Plains Review, and Brain Mill Press. We're really proud! This spring, we'll take a break from submitting and dive into another round of manuscript revisions.
  • Speaking of Duets, two sets of our poems will appear in They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Writing, forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press this summer. Check out this gorgeous cover artwork below.
  • I've resurrected my TinyLetter as an occasional newsletter that take a close look at a single poem, a series I'm calling Talismans. While I had hoped this would be a weekly thing, I quickly realized that it was #notrealistic with my it goes. The first edition explores Matthew Dickman's poem "The Mysterious Human Heart."
  • I've very grateful to have poems in the latest issues of Tampa Review and The Pinch. You can support and learn more about these journals here and here.
  • A few things I'm excited about: visiting a flower farm next weekend, spending Easter with my niece and nephew, Indie Bookstore Day, attending an opera performance in April, and soon reading new books by Leslie Jamison, Matthew Dickman, and Ada Limon.
  • A few things I'm working on: page edits of a former professor's latest scholarly manuscript, an article for my local Eater outlet, revising my half of Duets, generating new poems, submitting poems, and trying to maintain an active reading life (novels, articles, poems, essays, and the like).

Happy spring!

they said
Paige Sullivan